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Globalist Squirrels Looking For American Nuts

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While the Trump administration continues to tell us we’ll never be a Socialist country and that they have an America First agenda, we show where they continue on the same course of socialism and fascism of previous administrations concerning education, jobs and the economy. Whether it is President Trump touting his education plans through unconstitutional spending, his daughter’s unconstitutional purveying of education or Secretary Pompeo pointing at new squirrels for the people to look at to keep from seeing the crimes of those in government and bringing justice, this episode is packed with vital information that you need to know to cut through the lies about what is really going on in DC and in our country.

Articles and visuals and the video shown in this episode.

I believe the date labeled on this video is incorrect, but the speech is great.  It should be the speech and implementation of every presidential administration, along with the goal of every member of Congress.

Robert Welch Predicts the Future of America

It's quite amazing Robert Welch predicted in 1958 what is happening in America in 2020.

Posted by Derek Utley on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

New! “Learn To Earn” Via NGA

Educratic Squirrel, Anyone?



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