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Vaccine Rollout, Adverse Effects, Data Manipulation & Deception

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The vaccine rollout began this week in the United Kingdom. It’s expected to push into “warp speed” here in the States shortly, but what have you been told about the “studies” concerning these vaccines? I’ll inform you of a few items that have largely either not been reported in the media or buried in their stories.

Chlorine Dioxide

Articles, videos and documents referenced in this episode.

Can I stop wearing a mask after getting a COVID-19 vaccine?


V-Day Arrives In UK: First Shots Given As Reports Of Several Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Volunteers Developed Bell’s Palsy



Facebook to remove COVID-19 vaccine-related misinformation

“Adverse Effects”: Just Ahead Of Vaccine Approval, FDA Reveals Deaths In Pfizer Vaccine Trials

CDC Documents: “No Quantified Virus Isolates Of The 2019-nCoV are Currently Available”

Former CBS Healthwatch Reporter Exposes How The Success Of The COVID Vaccine Will Be Faked

Vaccine Trial Participants Warn: Side Effects After Second Shot Are “Intense”

Bombshell Cambridge Documents: Of All Positive COVID Tests Of 9,000+ Students, 100% Were FALSE POSITIVES

Red Cross President Demand Government & Media Silence Those Who Question Safety Of COVID Vaccine

Oxford Immunologist & Geneticist: “These Vaccines Are Unlikely To ‘Completely Sterilize’ A Population” (Video)

Despite No One Wants It & It Not Being Authorized In The Constitution, Trump Admin Announces Ambitious (& Tyrannical) Vaccine Schedule

Controversial COVID-19 Data Scientist’s Home Raided – Guns Pointed At Family & Computers Seized (Video)

#AskTheExperts – Doctors, Nurses & Health Care Professionals From Around The World: “The COVID Vaccine Is Neither Safe Nor Effective” (Video)



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