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Setting Brushfires 12-06-2019: Confessions Of A Former Gloria Allred Client

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What if after the most famous “women’s rights’ attorney in the US won a settlement for you and afterwards failed to follow through with the agreement to pay your previous attorneys in the matter? What if after that it opened you up to a lawsuit in which a man who never offered you any services of any kind bought the rights to sue you? and what if that led to even more injustice against you? Deanna Williams, a victim of rape, joins me to explain her experience of having Gloria Allred as her attorney and later was sued by attorneys Allred was to have paid, along with an attorney who never provided a single service to her, ultimately leading to judgments that, combined with previous payments to Allred, total more that that for which she settled.

Articles and documents mentioned in this episode.

Deanna Williams Needs Your Support. You Can Donate To Help Her Survive At Her Go Fund Me Page By Clicking Here.


Confessions Of A Gloria Allred Client

Rape Victim Claims Gloria Allred Failed To Honor Agreement – Now She Faces Threats Of Arrest & Judgments Of Over $1 Million

Gloria Allred & Florida Attorney Scott Mager Take More Money From Rape Victim Than She Got In Civil Settlement

Options Allred gave to Williams in the settlement.

My previous reporting of the story of Deanna Williams.





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