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Setting Brushfires 08-22-2019: Remembering The Federal Tyranny At Ruby Ridge August 21, 1992

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On this episode of Setting Brushfires, we did experience some technical difficulties near the end, but were able to deal with the history surrounding Ruby Ridge in remembering the tyranny of the federal government and the Deep State and swamp at that time.  However, it is curious that when we mentioned Bill Barr and the Trump administration, that’s when the tech stuff went down.  I don’t think it is coincidental and neither should you.  I am also providing the articles written to remind us of the federal tyranny that occurred at Ruby Ridge in 1992.  That tyranny has been emboldened by a lack of justice against the criminals that perpetrated the crime.

Articles mentioned in this episode:

Siege at Ruby Ridge: The Forgotten History of the ATF Shootout That Started a Militia Movement

Anniversary Of Ruby Ridge Is Time To Remind People Trump Put A Deep State Attorney General In Place

Bill Clinton Touts Failed Gun Ban With Bogus Info

While William Barr “Goes After The Deep State,” He’s Working With Them On Gun Confiscation

Senate Confirms Gun-Confiscating, Swamp Creature William Barr For Attorney General

Barr Reveals His Top Priority: Confiscating Guns

William Barr Is A Gun Confiscation Advocate

Waco – 25 Years Later: ABC News Claims To Have The Truth, But Is It Just Cover For A Heavy-Handed Government?





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