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Setting Brushfires 08-05-2019: 2 More Shootings – Is Trump About To Pull The Mask Off & Go Beyond Red Flags?

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Over the weekend, two mass shootings took center stage with the mainstream media.  One took place in Ohio and the other in El Paso.  President Donald Trump has supported “assault weapons bans” in the past and despite his claims that attacks on the Second Amendment ended with his election, his branch of government has attacked the Constitution and your rights with bump stock bans and pushing red flag laws.  The scenario in the El Paso shooting lines up perfectly with the New Zealand propaganda that we saw earlier this year.  Will Trump pull the mask off now and show us his true colors after this latest propaganda?  2020 is approaching and the selling out of the American people has already begun in the unconstitutional budget spending.  What about your rights to keep and bear arms?

Due to technical difficulties, our video was not properly working.  Here’s the podcast.

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Video: CNN’s Tapper Gets Dems To Blame Trump For Shootings, But El Paso Mayor Is Having None Of It

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and while those were all good, it was what followed that causes concern.

New Zealand Bans ‘Assault Rifles’ – Just As Terrorist Hoped For & Predicted

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Good News: Civil Disobedience / NonCompliance Are Hindering New Zealand’s Gun Confiscation Efforts





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