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Anatomy Of A Cover-Up Of Successful Sloan-Kettering Amygdalin Laetrile Animal Studies (Video)

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Did you know that a study demonstrated that what God put on the earth for us to eat actually worked to stop the spread of cancer, but Big Pharma, armed with big money and the Mockingbird Media, didn’t want you to know about it. John Richardson from VitaminB174U.com joins me as we take a look at the coverup of the Sloan Kettering study on Laetrile and Amygdalin.

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Vitamin B-17 Forbidden Weapon Against Cancer: The Fight for Laetrile

The Cancer Industry: The Classic Expose on the Cancer Establishment

World Without Cancer; The Story of Vitamin B17

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Anatomy of a Cover-up Succe… by matt007

Foods Containing B17 (Nitrilosides)

Vitamin B17 appears in abundance in untamed nature. Because B17 is bitter to the taste, in man’s attempt to improve tastes and flavors for his own pleasure, he has eliminated bitter substances like B17 by selection and cross-breeding. It can be stated as a general rule that many of the foods that have been domesticated still contain the vitamin B17 in that part no t eaten by modem man, such as the seeds in apricots. Listed below is an evaluation of some of the more common foods. Keep in mind that these are averages only and that specimens vary widely depending on variety, locale, soil, and climate.

Fruits  Range*
blackberry, domestic low
blackberry, wild high
boysenberry med.
choke cherry high
wild crabapple high
market cranberry low
Swedish (lignon) cranberry high
currant med.
elderberry med. to high
gooseberry. med.
huckleberry med.
loganberry med.
mulberry med.
quince med.
raspberry med.


Seeds  Range*
apple seeds high
apricot seed high
buckwheat med.
cherry seed high
flax med.
millet med.
nectarine seed high
peach seed high
pear seeds high
plum seed high
prune seed high
squash seeds med.


Beans  Range*
black low
black-eyed peas low
fava high
garbanzo low to med.
green pea low
kidney low to med.
lentils med.
lima, U.S. low
lima, Burma med.
mung med. to high
shell low


Nuts (all raw)  Range*
bitter almond high
cashew low
macadamia med. to high


Sprouts  Range*
alfalfa med.
bamboo high
fava med.
garbanzo med.
mung med.


Leaves  Range*
alfalfa high
beet tops low
eucalyptus high
spinach low
water cress low


Tubers  Range*
cassava high
sweet potato low
yams low



High — above 500 mgs. nitriloside per 100 grams food

Medium — above 100 mgs. per 100 grams food

Low — below 100 mgs. per 100 grams food


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