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When You Worship The State, Don’t Be Mad When They Sacrifice You… & Your Kids

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If we’re still focusing on the ‘red vs blue’ (Republican vs Democrat) when it comes to education, we’re having the WRONG focus. Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode to take a look at the latest in DC WWE to usurp the Constitution and the rights of parents and their children.

Articles and other information for further study:


Some Red Vs Blue Common Statements/Platforms:
1) increase education and job alignment for the future national economy
2) student debt must be wiped out or absorbed by any one but the debt holder
3) federal dollars will give you freedom
4) education is key to American’s global competition
5) college has to be more affordable
6) infrastructure changes to embrace 5G’s capability to provide education access to all

So, what conversations SHOULD we be having? First, it should be that our focus is on protecing our families. Then, it should be on putting a halt to the unconstitional tyranny we’ve allowed President after President to slide by with.
We should be looking beyond the ‘unibrow’ politics of simply ‘red vs blue’. This disserves us ALL.
We should be talking about how the federal government is risking our election process. We’re in April 2020 and the FY 2021 Presidential budget requests haven’t been approved. So, in our conversations, what does this mean? That all the current President’s pet projects become less funded? How does this further harm the economy? Does this mean a constitutional right has been upended, yet again?
Can we use this knowledge as an opportunity to rid taxpayers of paying for all the unconstitutional federal agencies? How can we influence Congress to represent these wishes? Can we gegin the processes to properly shut down these federal agencies NOT written into our U.S. Constitution?
REMEMBER, this is an election year and so far we’re seeing big moves to forever change America in harmful ways.

Related articles for listeners/viewers to do their own ‘homework’:
From 2019, Pres. Trump’s Executive Order for more workforce based education could be directly tied to former VP Biden’s 2014 activity with Big Unions:

The 2014 article exposing VP Biden, Big Unions, and workforce based education alignment:

From 2019 and part of my “Prudence Files” research on the candidates at the time vying for the President’s job. Biden wasn’t official then.

From 2017, how VP Pence’s love for CTE mirrors that of former VP Biden and the CCSS Machine:

**Use attached image #3, here

From 2017, the Trump/Pence ticket carrying on the Obama/Biden agenda in education;

From 2015, how Biden’s wife and Arne Duncan toured the USA in hopes of convincing folks streamlined workforce education was the best solution for America:

To listen to the entire NEA interview:



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