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When It’s Time To Stand, What’s Your Excuse? (Video)

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Sons of Liberty Radio show host Bradlee Dean joins me in this episode to share about an upcoming protest of Target in Buffalo, Minnesota. We’ll talk about how the LORD works through His people in His kingdom and also about how people talk big about doing something about the problems we face until it’s time to do something and then the excuses pour forth. However, we are not about the excuses, but about engaging in the fight in the sphere God has given us.

Articles, links, Scriptures, videos and bonus videos mentioned in this episode.


Lawyer Who Helped DC Shut Down Churches During CONvid Wants A Promotion To Federal Court – NO WAY!

Treasonous: San Francisco Sheriff, Police, & Fire Depts salute pride flag while dressed in uniform

These Things Are Going To Continue UNTIL The People Put A Stop To Them

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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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These Things Are Going To Continue UNTIL The People Put A Stop To Them (Video)

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