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What You Haven’t Been Told About Iran & The Middle East

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Is the information we are receiving from the US government and intelligence agencies about Iran and the Middle East actually fact-based or is it nothing more than propaganda?  Was the recent assassination and attacks back and forth between the US and Iran nothing more than a pre-planned path to war?  How did all of this come about?  Did it just start in 1979 with the taking of hostages by Iran, or does it go back a lot longer?  Is there a bigger game at play in what we are seeing in Iran and the Middle East?  Victor Porleir joins me in this episode of Dissecting the Time on Sons of Liberty to expound upon what we are not being told by our government about our involvement in Iran and its history.

Mentioned in this episode:

Israeli Supreme Court

Sykes Picot Agreement

The 1953 CIA-Backed Coup: The One Thing That Never Comes Up When The War Drums Beat Against Iran

US to Iraq: ‘Vote All You Want, We’re Not Leaving!’



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