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What Is With Nazi-Style Police Enforcement Of Unlawful Orders By Tyrants?

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We have seen police officers engage in criminal behavior in fining and arresting and sometimes beating innocent people in an attempt not to enforce the law but rather unlawful orders from mayors and governors due to the planned scamdemic of coronavirus and COVID-19. I’ll be sharing some of these stories along with how people are wising up to their corruption and dealing with them, and how the people need to hold them and those commanding them in the new Gestapo in the US to accountability and to justice.

Articles mentioned in this episode.

Cops Being Told to Prioritize Social Distancing Snitching Calls Over 911 Emergencies

Cop Tells Fellow Cops Amid Coronavirus Tyranny: “We Don’t Have Authority To Trample People’s Rights” (Video)

UK: Tyrannical Cop Threatens Man In Violation Of Lockdown “Laws” By Making “Something Up” Gets Suspended (Video)

London Tyrannical Cop Gary Brown To Journalist Filming Woman Arrested For Walking Her Dog: “You’re Killing People!” (Video)

LA: 32 Cops Had Nothing Better To Do Than Break Up A Crowd At A 1-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party With Batons & Bean Bag Guns (Video)

New York: Video Shows Cop Beating Unarmed Man After Alleged Social Distancing Violation (Video)

Arizona: “Hero” Cops Arrest Elderly Man For Running His Compliant Business During “Pandemic” (Video)

Texas: With Armed Protesters In Front Of Her Salon, Business Owner Dares Cops To Arrest Her For Opening (Video)

Wisconsin: Cops Harass Mom For Letting Daughter Play Outside During Lockdown – She Owns Them! (Video)

Idaho: Protesters Surround Cop’s House After Video Showed Him Arrest Mom For Bringing Kids To Park (Video)

California: Citizens Swarm Cops Arresting Woman For Being On Beach – Force Them To Stand Down (Video)

Watch What Happens When This Marine Calls Out California Riot Police Questioning Their Integrity At Capital Protest (Video)



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