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What Are The State & Federal Governments Given Authority To Do To Ensure Honest Elections?

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We are faced with irrefutable proof that the Marxists intend to steal the election. And they will not content themselves with stealing only the President’s seat – they seek to steal every seat on the ballots. So we need to face up to the problem and take immediate action. To help provide constitutional authority in this matter of election, constitutional scholar Publius Huldah (Joanna Martin) joins me in this episode to point to the Constitution and the founding fathers to provide the solutions we have at our disposal.

Visit her site at http://publiushuldah.com/

Articles of PH’s referenced in this episode.

What Can We Do To Get A Reasonably Honest Election?

Mail-in Voting? A “Political Question” Which Only State Legislatures & Congress May Decide

Our Constitution Provides Two Separate & Independent Methods For The Federal Government To “Call Forth The Militia” To Suppress Insurrections



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