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Trump Admin’s USMCA, Ed-Flex Waivers, Data Mining & Medicaid Scheme Comes At A Hefty Price – & It’s Not Just Money

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. While the Trump administration is carrying on about making America great again, they continue to advance fascism in the education system, and that unconstitutionally. With the implementation of the USMCA, it’s going to get much worse. The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode to not only discuss that issue, but also the ed-flex waivers that Betsy DeVos has been touting and the new Medicaid initiative put forth by the Trump administration. All of this is going to come with a hefty price, and we’re not just talking about money.

Articles and documents mentioned in this episode:


Smile And Wave!

What Connections?!


Budget Fy21 by Tim Brown on Scribd

Roy Colby – A Communese-Eng… by Tim Brown on Scribd

Additional information on this topic provided by Lynne Taylor for further study.

The proof schools, Title One and Medicaid are being used to mentally attack our children, regardless of school location.


We’ll need page 2 highlighted (show ESSA, IDEA)  Bottom of Page 3 (schools as community health care, where all choices can get mental health), page 5, top. (Project AWARE, also used to attack 2nd Amend), page 6 (law enforcement and school safety), middle page 7 (workforce and rural alignment), page 9, scroll to see SC & TN. TN is under review to be the first State to get the new Block Grants, Trump plans to dole out.

I can speak to the AWARE and other; Anita has 20 yrs of Medicaid researched articles anyone can access.  https://newswithviews.com/author/anita/  AND
here: http://www.childabuseintheclassroom.com/uploads/1/7/7/2/17726361/talking_papers-anita_hoge-1995-128pgs-edu.pdf (pages 5,12  have great visual for this Medicaid garbage)

From Charlotte Iserbyt and Anita Hoge, this 2014 article:

Then, from 2015:

From the Child Abuse in the Classroom website, the articles I’ve written, Anita, Charlotte and others have written about the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) which attaches to Medicaid.

In my article, I linked to an article published by The Hill where it stated that because TN didn’t expand Medicaid state-wide, they couldn’t get the block grants. Look at this TN publication from Jan 2020.

However, the State of TN is rolling out an effort to expand Medicaid. The article states it would revive the Gov’s failed plan. Could it be this gets fast-tracked to try to beat the federal review and get the block grants anyway?

This can tie back to the  US tax map showing the States and fed funds pumped in. TN is pretty well overtaken. TN, if expanding Medicaid, joins at least 30 other States. (You need to double check that).

According to my TN Anti CCSS/Fed Ed Warrior, Karen, there’s a review and most of the comments posted are against the block grants. The public comments ended in Dec. 2019. The review won’t be completed until Spring 2020. Karen also said that Lee is a great fed lackey and that TennCare is filled with fraud.
Comment link: https://public.medicaid.gov/connect.ti/public.comments/questionnaireResults?qid=1903395

I first wrote about Project AWARE in 2014:
https://www.commoncorediva.com/2014/12/14/rmt-sunday-beware-of-project-aware/ (you’ll see the 2nd amendment included)

I wrote an update in 2018 and used NC’s mental health grabs as an example:

In Oct. 2018, I wrote about the ESSA overreaches into homeschooling via Medicaid (the visual is great).

Since we’re using my most recent Medicaid article to dive into all the above.
(Here’s the link again https://www.commoncorediva.com/2020/02/06/what-connections/) I need to point out that a FB Group called Stand with TN loves my research and comments often, sharing links. From a link I embedded in my article, the admin of Stand/TN remarked that in the CMS letter, they spotted the Trump Era changes to pharmacy, etc.Here’s the link i used and Stand/TN was referring to:

Now, given that the USMCA attacks US public health care, this would be a great segway to the fact that UK Serco (handled Obamacare) still has US health data.
I can address the Public health portions of USMCA.

The 2018 UK Serco US contract award:
In 2019, Serco won a US Navy pysch assessment contract:

From Jan 2020, Serco,Inc got $5.1 Billion in US $ for the US Army:

Serco, Inc has a North American arm and in this press release sounds like they’ve taken over the military:

Look at the types of contracts Serco has!

In Serco’s Human Capital section, the number of national security and border patrol..wow, and think, with USMCA applied.

Serco, Inc has regions and it’s where you can find the UK Serco (where the Medicaid health records can tie back). If you can believe Wikipedia, supposedly Serco was founded in 1929 and is the UK arm of the US RCA (Radio Corp of America, which was in communications, records albums, etc.)
Here’s what I found on Market Watch:

Serco also has a huge lock on US infrastructure! (Be sure to watch the video and ask yourself this: is this the group implementing all the roundabouts which replace US roads with global ones?)

From a FB group called Serco Watch, this information posted in 2013:
” We are consistently asked- who owns Serco? It is difficult to answer that question because of the way the ownership of multinational corporations is hidden from view behind complex institutional structures. Serco is essentially owned by financial institutions, investment companies and large institutional shareholders. An updated list of the main shareholders can be found on page 92 of Serco’s 2012 Annual Report and Accounts.In order of shareholding – Investco Ltd (12%), Capital Research and Management Company (6.7%), UBS Investment Bank (5.9%), Morstan Nominees LTD (5.11%), AXA S.A (4.95%), Fidelity International Ltd (4.93%), Baillie Gifford and Co (4.92%), NEWTOWN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LTD (4.85%), Black Rock Inc (4.42%), HBPS Inc (4.22%)”

The post also cited a source, but I couldn’t access it.

When I searched for a link between Serco Inc and the UN, I got this 2016 UN Treaty Alphabetical list document.

Serco, Inc and the US entered into several agreements which involved the US military bases in Berlin, Germany. (I got 32 references).
The United States is listed in this same document a whopping 832 times. The document’s only 198 pages long. Of the few I browsed, must were for UN treaties united the EU and US.

Lastly, from a Google search for Serco Inc and the UN,
*Look on the left to see the book title. It’s about social work in practice. See the US, the UN, Serco, but also see what other groups are listed. Huge break in connecting dots!



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