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The Vatican: Palace Of Papal Pedos & Mother Of Harlots (Video)

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Rome has held sway over the world for generations. However, many today read stories about priests who have abused altar boys and such, very few actually see justice brought against them and are often moved around to commit the crime again. The fact of the matter is that the Vatican & Roman Catholicism as an apostate church holds to false doctrines that feed the natural inclination for sex in men and women. Johnny Cirucci of JohnnyCirucci.com joins me for another 2 hour show packed with history and information you won’t hear from many today on the sexual perversions and crimes of those in authority in the Roman Catholic Church.

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From David Cloud:

The Roman Catholic Church has also been associated with immorality in a more literal sense.

Her popes are immoral. Even her own history books describe the unspeakably vile deeds of her “holy” popes, even though they rarely give the whole story.

Martin Luther visited Rome expecting to find the headquarters for holiness, but after the visit he testified: “If there be a hell, Rome is built over it.”

Pope John XII (955-63) is described by the Catholic Encyclopedia as “a course, immoral man, whose life was such that the Lateran palace was spoken of as a brothel.”

Pope Benedict IX (1032-1045) was a murderer and an adulterer; the Catholic Encyclopedia admits he lived a “dissolute life.”

Pope Sixtus IV (1471-84) erected a house of prostitution in Rome.

Pope Pius II (1458-64) had two illegitimate children.

Pope Innocent VIII (1484-92) had at least two illegitimate children that he raised to positions of authority and wealth in the Catholic Church.

Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503) had at least four illegitimate children and he made them rich through appointments. He made his son, Caesar Borgia, a cardinal when he was only 18 years old. Caesar was an immoral and violent man who had his brother put to death as well as his sister Lucrezia’s husband. Alexander held unspeakable orgies in his palace and kept mistresses who were married women. He died of syphilis.

Pope Julius II (1503-13) had at least three illegitimate children.

Rome’s priests have also been immoral. They have taken vows of celibacy, but they have not been celibate! In The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional, Charles Chiniquy, a former priest, documented the moral vileness associated with Rome’s practice of confession, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Even to this very day, Rome has an immoral testimony. Throughout the world, her priests are renowned for homosexuality and child abuse. In recent years, Rome has paid millions of dollars to settle court cases brought against homosexual, child-molesting priests.

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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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