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The Unconstitutional USMCA’s Boots Were Made For Walking… All Over You

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Heard much about the USMCA except “there will be more jobs”? Well, there’s more in there… lots more. Not only has this treaty gone through and unconstitutional process in our government, but it is filled with unconstitutional things in it, including setting up a North American Union. However, where it impacts education and jobs, is what we’ll focus on today as the Common Core Diva targets the USMCA and opens up Pandora’s box with its unconstitutional global, not America First, agenda.

Information mentioned in this episode and others for further study on this topic.

U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Ag… by Tim Brown on Scribd

USMCA Preamble by Tim Brown on Scribd

USMCA Implementation Act by Tim Brown on Scribd

HR 5430 USMCA by Tim Brown on Scribd


USMCA News on Sons Of Liberty Media



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