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The Trump Political Circus, Baphomet & The Curse Of Trans-Delusionals (Video)

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Well, the Mockingbird media was all too happy to feed into the frenzy of yesterday’s political circus in New York with former President Donald Trump starring center stage, and we discovered that for the next two years, more than likely, we will be subject to this distraction away from what the DC crime syndicate is actually doing. We’ll talk a bit about that and then focus some on the idol called Baphomet, which has been showing up more and more in American culture and how this entity is tied to the trans-delusion cult we are witnessing taking center stage as well in the Mockingbird media. We’ll also make sure you understand what the Creator says about all of this and what His remedy is to it all.

Articles, links, videos and bonus videos mentioned in this episode.


Soros in 2009: “A decline in value of the dollar is necessary…China will be the engine driving it forward… a managed decline of the dollar.“

“Drag Is Holy”: Abominable False Teacher Exalts What God Clearly Condemns

Drag Is… An Abomination!

How To Stump A Trans-Delusional…

Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy: If you want breasts, later in life , you can go & get them!”

Woman carjacks an elderly woman and goes on a rampage trying to get away in Agoura Hills, CA

See How They Are Advancing The Sodomite Agenda – They Will Seek To Make It Compulsory

If you’re buying this crap for you sons to wear, your the problem

Is America’s Wound Incurable? Only If This Doesn’t Happen!

The Real Secrets Hidden In Antarctica Revealed

9/11: Intercepted – 9/11 As Told In Real-Time By Pilots & Air Traffic Control

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