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The President, His Advisors, Congress & Governors Are Lying To You

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Our liberty and the liberty of our children depend on not only knowing this information, but holding those that have not only lied to us about coronavirus, but have stolen from us, indebted us, enriched their friends, redistributed American wealth, destroyed lives and businesses and pushed us towards the New World Order due to their lies about coronavirus. We have been exposing the lies about coronavirus, and in today’s episode, we’re going to blow it wide open.

Articles mentioned in this episode:

Must See: MIT Medical Doctor Exposes The Lies Of Government & President’s Doctors Concerning Coronavirus & Viruses In General (Video)

9 States Still Resisting Stay-At-Home Orders Due To The Coronavirus Hoax

Americans Are Marching To Their Own Enslavement & They’re Happy About It




Wal-Mart Limits Customer Entry & Stopping The Sale of Non-Essential Items In Store



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