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The Poisoning Of America: Body, Mind & Spirit (Video)

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From mind control to NASA lies, from poisoning our food and water to pumping us full of deadly mRNA technology, those allowed to remain in power are attempting to drive us away from the Creator. Yet, He has given to His people great and precious promises, as well as everything we need that pertains to life and godliness. We’ll take a look at all of these in this episode.

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DeSantis to go after every nation on Earth that is “antisemitic”

Ron DeSantis Is Telling You Who Are His Masters

Another White South African murdered in his home, his fiance gang raped by 6 men

The Power Of Yahweh When You Call On His Name!

They claim that mental illness is an identity politics now

Remember how evil these people were and still are

Now I know how they impersonate people. Unethical and pure evil.

LIARS: Multimillionaires Al Gore & John Kerry predicted by 2014 polar ice caps would disappear

More Men Like This! Veteran Puts Boy In His Place After He Cusses His Mother

CDC Director Mandy Cohen talking & laughing about how she made policy decisions during COVID.

Kate Shemirani: Stop Thinking ‘What Am I Eating?’ – Ask ‘What Is Eating Me?’

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