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The Ability To Defend Yourself Is Under Attack! You Must Defend Yourself!

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From red flag laws to what I believe are staged events to make gun-owning patriots look like criminals, the right to keep and bear arms continues to be under attack daily in the united States. Additionally, along with these rights, others are being infringed as well. We’ll talk a little bit about these matters in this episode.

Articles mentioned in this episode.

Home Defense Under Attack: LA County District Attorney’s Husband Charged With Assault For Using Gun To Defend Home Against BLM Trespassers

The Government Cannot Protect You! You Must Protect Yourself!

LMPD Top Cops Walk Out Of Meeting – Refuse To Answer Any Questions About Killing Of Breonna Taylor (Video)

Kentucky: All Black Armed Coalition Hold Rally – Member Gets Shot By His Own, Others Injured


Contrived Data at Odds with Lived Reality

CA Legislation Threatening Second Amendment Rights Up This Week



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