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Setting Brushfires 12-13-2019: Arkancide: From The Infamous Boys On The Tracks Murders To Linda Collins with Shelly Jo Govar

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Clinton Chronicles years ago exposed the corruption in Arkansas under the Clinton crime family, including mysterious deaths that took place in the state. Today, Arkansas still is a state that has widespread corruption. On today’s episode Shelly Jo Govar from Jo-Jo’s For Justice joins me to explain what she and her co-host have discovered concerning the infamous death of the boys on the tracks and leading up to today and the murder of former Arkansas Senator Linda Collins.

You can find out more about Shelly and her podcasts at the links below, along with even more information than was covered on the show today.

Jo-Jo’s For Justice YouTube Channel

USPC Soundcloud


Articles mentioned or shown during this episode:

2 Former GOP Senators Found Shot Dead In Their Homes Within 2 Days

At Least 1 Of 2 Former GOP Senators Found Shot To Death Alleged To Have Been Closing In On Child Trafficking In Arkansas State Government

Arrest Made In Murder of Former Republican Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith

Is The Connection Between Murder Of 2 Former GOP Senators Their Desire To Bring Justice To Pedophiles?

Exclusive: Is Arkansas Covering Up the Clintons’ Trail of Criminal Activities?

Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking?

Haiti Official Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Found Dead With Gunshot Wound To Head

The Clintons, Laura Silsby, Haiti, Amber Alerts & Human Trafficking

5 Shocking Facts About The Clintons and Haiti You Likely Don’t Know

NYPD Deputy Police Chief & Detective Found With Self Inflicted Gun Shots Within 24 Hours Of Each Other

5th NYPD Officer Commits Suicide In Less Than 2 Months





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