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Setting Brushfires 12-04-2019: While You Were Celebrating Thanksgiving, The Communists In Government Have Been Busy

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While we were busy celebrating Thanksgiving (or getting ready for Christmas), the CCSS Machine has been hard at work tweaking some of the latest changes for education. As we know the fickleness of the CCSS Machine, we should recall that when education is changed, it’s not simply for Johnny and Suzy; it’s for the entire citizenship of our nation. On this episode of Setting Brushfires’ “Rotten to the Core,” Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me to explain what’s been going on.

Articles and videos mentioned in this episode:

Proof Of Work: The “New” Education

Education Virtually Tied

Lynne’s statements to Iredell County representatives begins at 1:42:44 in the video here.

The video mentioned that Chick-Fil-A produced can be seen at the link in our previous show below.

Setting Brushfires 10-30-2019: Federal In Home Visits & Chick-Fil-A – What Do They Have In Common?

Blanket solution to removing/punishing every official violating Constitution:

The link to the document with the Communist Control Act:
(page 46 shows the form folks had to sign to swear allegiance)
(CCA begins page 48)

Link to the National Archives/EX OR 10450:

Link to 5 US Code 7311:





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