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Setting Brushfires 12-03-2019: A Lying Newsweek Reporter & Paid Qatari Agent/Sex Maniac Ilhan Omar

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A Newsweek reporter was fired after reporting that President Trump wasn’t doing anything except hanging out and playing golf on Thanksgiving, but the facts were that he was in Afghanistan. Then a bombshell deposition came out last week on Rep. Ilhan Omar in which it was claimed she was a paid Qatar agent, easily manipulated by money and sex. Former intelligence analyst Brian Boyd joins me to discuss these issues today.

Brian Boyd is a 30-year-plus professional intelligence analyst and counter terrorism specialist. He is a former Green Beret and was part of the leadership of the Joint Special Operations Command which oversees the Special Forces, SEAL Team Six and the Delta Force. He has also served in the Departments of Defense, Justice & Treasury.

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Articles mentioned in this episode.




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