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Setting Brushfires 11-07-2019: Who Is Advocating For America’s Veterans Who Are Attacked & Have Lost Their Voice?

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Veteran Warriors provides experienced Hill advocacy, research, and media outreach for veterans who have lost their “voice”. They stand firm on finding solutions and seeking accountability so more veterans and their families receive the services they have earned, while rooting out waste and inefficiencies. Through research, data, Hill testimony, and agency communication, veteran issues are being managed to positive outcomes. Current issues involve the VA Caregiver Program, general VA staff accountability, specific VAMC deficiencies, and revising policy to make sense of misused guidelines. Veteran Warriors consider all Veterans united: “One Family, One Fight”. DC is listening. Lauren Price joins me to discuss what’s going on with our veterans under President Trump and what she and her organization are doing to aid those who serve the people of the united States.

Founder and Public Affairs Representative for Veteran Warriors YN1 Lauren Price is a now retired from the U.S. Navy. She had long civilian career in the legal community prior to enlisting in the Navy. After serving at a shore command, Lauren deployed to Iraq and served both as the Battalion Public Affairs Officer and the Lead Convoy Driver. Lauren is 100% disabled from injuries and an illness she contracted in Iraq.

She is a mother of 3 sons and 2 stepsons. Her three eldest sons are all veterans. She has 4 grandchildren and is blissfully married to MMCS/SS Jim Price.

Documents mentioned on the show:

Protection for Veterans Exposed to Burn Pits H.R. 6582

HR-4086 by Tim Brown on Scribd





Twitter: @FPPTim


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