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Setting Brushfires 10-25-2019: Former Internal Affairs Investigator Claims Sheriff Committed Fraud

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Retired Lee County Sheriff’s Office Major and Internal Affairs investigator Carmen McKinney joins me to talk about his recent letter calling out appointed Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s ethics violations and fraud on this episode.

Articles and documents mentioned in this episode.

Deanna Williams’ GoFundMe Page

Setting Brushfires 10-21-2019: Retired Major Calls On Fraudulent & Unethical Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno To Step Down

This article, in my opinion, demonstrates LCSO and the State Attorney’s Office really didn’t do their jobs concerning investigating Ms. Williams’ criminal complaint because they never answered the question of how her attorney obtained the money from her that he had.  Plus, it shows that though all documents related to her complaint were to be provided, LCSO didn’t provide several that were supposed to be in their possession, including the initial report that is numbered.  It’s nowhere in the requested documents.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office & Florida State Attorney’s Office Completely Dropped The Ball On Victim Of Grand Theft

Retired Major Joins Chorus In Calling For Resignation Of “Corrupt” Lee County Sheriff Over Fraud & Ethics Violations

Carmine Marceno Fdle Global… by Tim Brown on Scribd

For more documentation into Marceno and the investigation that led to uncovering his fraud, crimes and corruption in my reporting of the story of Deanna Williams, visit these previous reports.





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