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Setting Brushfires 08-09-2019: Ilhan Omar: The Adulterous, Criminal, Jihadi, Fraud Muslima In Congress

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On this episode of Setting Brushfires, I’ll be taking a look at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and the documentation of her many crimes.

Articles and videos mentioned in this episode. Bear with me, there’s a lot here.

Tom Fitton: More Than Enough Evidence to Warrant A Criminal Investigation Of Ilhan Omar

JW President Tom Fitton on Rep. Omar: “There's more than enough publicly available evidence to warrant a criminal investigation of Ilhan Omar's alleged immigration and tax fraud and other potential criminal conduct. DHS, DOJ, & IRS should step up." READ MORE HERE: http://jwatch.us/miRhRH

Posted by Judicial Watch on Monday, July 22, 2019

Jihad Rep. Ilhan Omar Attacks Tens Of Millions Of Voters In Al Jazeera Interview (Video)

Nearly 17,000 People Have Now Reported Rep. Ilhan Omar To US Citizens & Immigration Services

Ilhan Omar Seen With New Man At Los Angeles Restaurant After Second Divorce From Husband

Jihad Rep. Ilhan Omar Now Accused of Adultery With Strategist She Paid $250,000

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Petitioned Judge For Light Sentenced For 9 Islamic State Recruits

Ilhan Omar & Her Poor, Misunderstood Religion

Jihad Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Contempt For The Law

Minnesota: Hijabbed Muslima Congressional Candidate Ilhan Omar Found Violating More House Rules & State Law

As Investigations About Marital History Heat Up Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Splits From Husband, Divorcing Him Second Time

Minnesota Muslim Congressional Candidate Ilhan Omar Swore To Apparent Falsehoods In Court, While Divorcing Her Brother

Records Support Claims That Minnesota Muslima State Rep Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

Ilhan Omar’s Criminal History Demonstrates She Has No Regard For The Law – See The Documents Here

Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Ilhan Omar With House Over Immigration, Marriage, Tax & Student Loan Fraud

Report: Rep. Ilhan Omar Received Asylum Using False Name

Bombshell: Ilhan Omar’s Brother-Husband Is A Sodomite

Omar’s Brother-Husband’s Birthdate On Wedding Certificate Matches School Records

Report: Ilhan Omar’s Father & Other Somalian War Criminals Illegally Living In The US

Top Ranking Member Of House Foreign Affairs Committee: “Omar Has To Go” From Committee

State-Run Turkish News Outlets Raise Funds Illegally For Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar Goes From Frying Pan Into The Fire With Call For Federal Ethics Probe: “Ms. Omar Appears To Be A Serial Career Criminal”

Ilhan Omar Confronted In DC On Her Gross, Criminal Brother-Husband Situation – Watch Her Reaction

Ilhan Omar Out? Minneapolis Star Tribune Admits She May Have Married Her Brother – State Dems Seek Replacement

Evidence On Ilhan Omar’s Sister’s Website Indicates Ilhan Omar Lied Oath About Brother She Married

Journalist Calls On Congress To Investigate Evidence Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother & “Revoke Her Marriage-Fraud Immunity Card”

Terror-Tied Rep. Ilhan Omar Attacks Christians On House Floor

Jihad-Rep. Ilhan Omar Becomes Subject Of Immigration Fraud Lawsuit

Lawsuit: Did Ilhan Omar Break Law To Be Naturalized?

Ilhan Omar Endangers Child While Driving, Breaks Minnesota Law On Video

Islamic Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Attacks “Black Hawk Down” US Soldiers

Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar Working Behind Scenes For Release Of Top Muslim Brotherhood Leader

Omar Investigation Over Paying Divorce Lawyer With Campaign Funds Reaches End – What’s The Conclusion?

Ilhan Omar Holding Secret Fundraisers With Hamas-Linked CAIR & Terror-Linked Muslim Charity

Is North Dakota State University Covering Up Student Immigration Fraud Facilitated By Ilhan Omar?

Address Records Show Rep. Ilhan Omar Still Lived With Her First Husband Throughout Marriage To Her Apparent Brother





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