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Setting Brushfires 07-10-2019: Rotten To The Core Wednesday With The Common Core Diva

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The Common Core Diva, Lynne Taylor of Common Core Diva, joins us in the episode to talk about the three grants that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is unconstitutionally promoting with your tax dollars that infringes on your and your kid’s rights.

Project Prevent is based off the final 2018 Report the Federal Commission on School Safety (as presented to President Trump), the biggest takeaways are geo-tracking and school shootings (2nd Amendment has long been a back door agenda item from the CCSS Machine.) If you’d like to see what the ‘fine print’ of Project Prevent entail, the Federal Registry has that information.

School Climate Grants will increase the MTS (Multi Tier Supports) used in mental health services in our schools. As you know, Warriors, we’ve been warned MANY times as to the harm poorly trained and/or non medically certified leaders will force upon our students. Here’s what the Federal Registry has in the ‘fine print department’ on these Grants.

The Mental Health Professional Grants will increase the presence of P3s in our schools, in the name of safety AND mental health well-being. These Grants will use medically trained and licensed health care professionals. However, P3s are unconstitutional! You can find the Federal Registry’s details, here. (*Note: P3s are short for Public Private Partnerships. These are unconstitutional in the fact they are a fascist based tool which uses public money without public consent for private agenda.)

Article referenced in this episode:

In Safety’s Name





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