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Prepping 401: Community – The Biggest Thing Missing From Most People’s Preparedness (Video)

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When people think about prepping, they often think of guns, ammo, food, water and other things to sustain themselves and their families. Often people come up short though when they fail to think about the community they live in and those around them. We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves, and while tyrants would like to steal from us with lies in order to make themselves feel good about their thefts in order to allegedly give to the poor, the reality is that we are commanded by the Creator to care for others because of how God has loved us. Most preppers have specialties and things they harp on, but rarely do you hear anyone encouraging preppers to plan for others in their community and even include other individuals in the community in those preparations. David Pruitt of TheMiracleSalve.com joins me in this edifying episode that will challenge you and provide a foundation for why this is such an important, and often forgotten, element in your preparedness plans.


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Preshow music by Charlotte Youth Orchestra’s Flute Ensemble.

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