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Parents, It’s Time To Use This Crisis Opportunity To Educate Your Own Kids!

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With so many children finally not being sent to the public indoctrination centers in America and around the world, many parents are questioning what they are supposed to do? As if part of parenting was not educating their own children. Well, in this episode, we’ll discuss a little of the ongoing crisis and what it is forcing people into and then we’ll tell you how to redeem that time for good with your own children because the days are evil.

Articles and resources mentioned in today’s episode:

Educate your children at home.  Click here to start for free!

100 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids

Enter, The “Empress” Of Local Education


How To Create Your Own Unit Study by V. Bendt

A Form+U+la for Real-Life Homeschooling

An Easy Start in Arithmetic (Grades K-3) Download by Ruth Beechick pdf



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