We’re seeing out of both the current administration and Congress attacks on the right to keep and bear arms, all of which are unconstitutional. However, we also see some complicity in human trafficking whether it be at the local, state or federal level, and how does Child Protective Services play

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is being investigated by the Tennessee Bureau Of Investigation concerning the framing of a US veteran on gun charges. Navy veteran Walt Fitzpatrick joins me to expose the goods on Mueller’s criminal actions in the Volunteer state. Articles, sites and videos mentioned in this episode:

Two former Republican state senators have been found shot to death in their homes within two days of each other. Former Arkansas Senator Linda Collins was found shot dead in her home on Tuesday and her body wrapped in a blanket. Then, on June 5, former Republican Oklahoma State Senator

Wanna know where the silent attack on your right to keep and bear arms is coming from? Right under your own nose! Just as they did in Communist education systems, they are doing it in American public indoctrination centers (You know them as public schools). Lynne Taylor, the Common Core

The History of the War for Independence is rich with knowledge if only America will pay attention to what occurred and how our founding fathers responded.  In this episode of Setting Brushfires, I go through a little history that led up to the shot heard round the world and the

With the latest unconstitutional talk coming out of the Trump administration to “seriously” consider banning gun suppressors, it’s high time the American people got a good lesson about the Second Amendment and our own history. This will be part one in a series. Articles referenced in this video: More Unconstitutional

The Federal Reserve, Donald Trump and fiat currency. Are they really a remedy to Make America Great or just a means of manipulation to get votes while our debt and unconstitutional, deficit spending continue? See what the Constitution and the Bible have to say about it. Articles referenced in this

Internet censorship is growing every day across social media platforms. While many are giving up, one man is fighting back and asking the people to join him. CEO and founder of USA.Life Steven Andrew joins me on this edition of Setting Brushfires and will tell you not only about his

President Trump’s recognition of LGBTQ PRIDE month puts him at odds with American law, the laws of God and the Creator Himself.

President Trump says he is going to impose a 5% tariff on Mexico until they stop illegal immigration into the US. Is it constitutional or not?