Jim White of NorthWest Liberty News joins me to discuss Child Protective Services and their crimes against the people, and also how they are involved in child trafficking and on the really dark underbelly of the slaughter of children and Native Americans for their blood. At the center of it

The females of the Democrat party are among the more corrupt and criminal.  From Senator Kamala Harris to Reps Frederica Wilson, AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, it’s amazing that their blatant corruption and criminal activity is tolerated.  Yet it is. On this episode, I cover a few of these

If it isn’t Facebook attacking free speech, it’s Congress. In many cases, Facebook’s attack on free speech is unlawful, but in Congress’ case, it’s ALWAYS unlawful, according to the First Amendment. Articles mentioned in this episode: Congresswoman: “Those Who Make Fun Of Members Of Congress Should Be Prosecuted!” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_speech_zone Facebook

As the 2020 election season is gearing up in hype, know that one of the main issues will NOT be education. What’s grabbing the attention of most Americans? Data. However, data comes in several forms and most definitely shows up in education! This is our special “Rotten to the Core” Wednesday

As the Drag Queen Story Hour continues to pop up all over the place, parents in Washington have had enough and protested against such vile targeting of their children, and the did so in the face of the intimidation of those who are also putting our children at risk. Additionally,

The Treaty advances the economic and regulatory integration of the three Parties. It is the precursor to the political integration the globalists seek with the North American Union. Articles referenced in this episode: The USMCA “Trade Agreement” violates our Constitution and sets up Global Government  Here’s Just One Reason Why

Infowars’ Alex Jones is now being accused of having child porn in his emails, but is he being set up or is this just another smear campaign by those that want to silence him as they attempted to do across media platform with simultaneous bans? In this episode, we’ll take

Former Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul awakened a generation to the scheme of the Federal Reserve and the role they play in the nation’s economy. In 2012, he told then Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke that though the Fed was claiming there is only a 2% inflation increase, that

Catch and release continues under the Trump administration. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are being released into the US interior, just like Obama did, many of them given work permits, but not checked for diseases. They are being fed, clothed, housed, given healthcare and hygiene products on your dime,

From the disturbing the peace megaphone calls to prayer from a mosque in Brooklyn, New York to the numerous Islamists running for political office in the US, it’s clear that God is judging a nation that has cast off the restraints of His law and Him as King. In this