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Local Media Finally Exposes Lee County Sheriff As Impersonating A Police Officer

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For months, I have covered the story of Deanna Williams, a rape victim who has not just bee physically raped, but the attorney who claims she is a defender of women, Gloria Allred, left her open to be raped judicially by corrupt judges, corrupt and criminal attorneys and sexually pursued by an undersheriff who was appointed sheriff by then Florida Governor Rick Scott. During my reporting, I had to deal with Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s unethical behavior and pursuit of a victim of a crime for a sexual relationship. In the midst of that, I not only discovered that Marceno was perpetrating a fraud about his education on the people of Lee County and using a public website to commit that fraud, but that he never met the requirements to be a police officer from out of state in the state of Florida. That means for 16 years, Marceno was impersonating a police officer which is a felony in the state. Now, the only media outlet in Southwest Florida to actually report and tell the people the truth about Marceno by providing the documents I’ve been in possession of aired their exclusive investigation on Wednesday evening at Fox4Now.com.

I reached out to Jane Monreal, reporter and anchor at Fox4, several months ago with the documents I had and filled her in on what was going on. I did so due to the fact that she provided an outlet for Deanna Williams during her pursuit of a paternity case involving Marceno after his sexual pursuit of her and subsequent demand that she murder their unborn baby, even though he claims to be pro-life.

Monreal has been the only Florida reporter to actually take the documents and do her own investigative work to uncover the truth for herself and the people of Lee County and she has knocked it out of the park!

I’ll be commenting on her report in this episode.

Articles mentioned in this article can be found in the latest article in this series at the bottom here: https://thewashingtonstandard.com/tonights-the-night-lee-county-sheriff-gets-exposed-for-the-fraud-he-is-by-local-media/


Short version of Monreal’s report:

Long version of Monreal’s report:

Previous articles in this series that brought me to the story about the sheriff from one of his victims:

If you can support Deanna Williams, please click here.  She desperately needs your help.





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