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I Exposed The COVID Hospital Crisis Fraud On Video & I Was Made To Be The Criminal

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Mike Freeman, a journalist in the UK, took to Kidderminster Hospital to see for himself whether or not the media was lying to him and his friends about the COVID pandemic and the hospital being filled up. He discovered they were lying and later was subsequently arrested with his friends.  Not only should that be shocking enough, but what happened next should concern everyone that loves liberty.

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Articles and videos mentioned in this episode.

Federal Judge Strikes Down CDC’s Lawless Ban: “Although The COVID-19 Pandemic Persists, So Does The Constitution.”

Swedish Professor Of Epidemiology Quits COVID Research After His Findings Undermine Political Arguments

Indiana: County Health Officer Admits Abuse Of Power With Mask Mandate – Settles Lawsuit

Mike’s video of the hospital. Warning: Language

Mike’s video of the Nottingham protest followed by police brutality.

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