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Growing Tyrannical Government Aggression & The $100 Billion “Rushing” Test Scheme

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Maybe you’ve seen the recent images of HR 6666 floating about on social media. Maybe you’ve seen it called the TRACE Act. Maybe, you’ve even read some articles about it. However, have you noticed the aspect of schools being involved on several levels? They are coming for you and your children! Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode to talk about this and more. Her information has shocked even those who were once skeptical that government could reach them when they had “seceded” from their indoctrination centers.

My apologies but once again the computer crashed during the broadcast. Hence, there are two video segments.

Additional information for further study recommended by Lynne.

The HR 6666 article I wrote:

HR 6666 link:  https://www.congress.gov/116/bills/hr6666/BILLS-116hr6666ih.pdf

Link to the You Tube (4 mins) video about gov’t aggression.

The Blockchain part of U.S. Dept. of Ed:

Link for BTA (Blockchain Trust Accelerator) Plan for big data & UN ties:

Link to Dissidant Voice’s article about Big Data, COVID-19 and the proof of Charlotte Iserbyt’s whistleblowing from years back.

Link to the CBS News Contact Tracers (pits citizen against citizen):

EdWeek (funded by Gates Foundation) article on schools as COVID-19 command centers and data mining:

One of the images in my article about HR6666 was picked on by a supposed watchdog on FB. He discredited my image and info on CA’s Dept. of Social Services denying financial aid unless COVID-19 test was completed by every family member. The CA Dept. of SS is denying the letter.

However, documents out of CA from FEMA state compliance, whatever means needed to carry out CA Gov’s Ex Order, and, tracking of every citizen.

From the Federal FEMA:

From here in NC:




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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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