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Fyk vs. Facebook: How One Man Is Exposing Facebook’s Crimes Against The People

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Jason Fyk was making about $275,000 per month via Facebook and his website when he began to be censored. However, what Jason discovered was that he was not just censored but crimes were being committed against him, crimes that are not just occurring against him, but against virtually anyone and everyone that uses the platform. What happened afterward has opened Facebook up to a lawsuit by Fyk that is exposing just how they are manipulating the law to censor people and engage in not only unethical business practices but criminal activity. Jason joins us on The Sons of Liberty to explain the law and how Facebook is violating it and update us on where things are with his lawsuit currently and how you can help.


Anyone wishing to contact Jason for interviews or more information can click here to contact me and I can pass along his contact information.

The Sons Of Liberty’s lawsuit mentioned in this episode can be read about below.

The Sons Of Liberty Put Facebook On Alert: “Your Conduct Appears To Violate Various State & Federal Laws, Anti-Trust, Consumer Protection & Fraud”

The Sons Of Liberty Lay Foundation For Facebook Lawsuit – Issue Notice & Demand To Preserve Evidence



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Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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