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Exiting Public Indoctrination Centers: The Parents’ Responsibility

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Deuteronomy 6 commands parents to teach their children diligently the things God commanded, when they are sitting, lying down, walking along, in the morning, noon and evening. In other words, at the heart of true education, is the family structure of mom and dad disseminating those things they have learned. For decades, parents have given their children over to the beast system to indoctrinate their children only to watch many leave the Christian faith or grow up to be statists themselves. E. Ray Moore began a project several years ago called the Exodus Mandate to urge parents to get their kids out of public schools and teach them at home. Now, his project has evolved, but the goal is still the same: Parents take responsibility for your child’s education as your Creator commanded. He joins me on the broadcast to talk about a very practical and biblical concept that few are willing to engage in, but the numbers are growing.

Exodus Mandate

Christ Education Initiative

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