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Defending The Sons of Liberty’s Health & Wellness Expert Kate Shemirani From Libelous Media Attacks

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UK Nurse Kate Shemirani has been libeled in print media, slandered in the news media for simply telling the truth about the unlawfulness of the lockdown due to an unproven and alleged coronavirus. Yet, the more they attack, the more support she receives. In this episode, I’ll be referencing the libel found in several UK online media sites and then I’ll provide you with evidence that Kate actually resigned from the NMC, which they fail to report.

Articles mentioned in this episode.

Breaking Mainstream Media Lies About 5G & Coronavirus With UK Nurse Kate Shemirani, RGN INP

Nurse Kate Shemirani Targeted In The UK For Telling The Truth & Documenting It

Round 2: UK Nursing Board Goes After Nurse Kate Shemirani Over The Scamdemic – She Destroys Them

Round 3: Nursing Board Goes After Kate Shemirani, Again – You Won’t Believe The Lies They Told

The Guardian Promotes Baseless Attack On UK Registered Nurse Who Exposed 5G Threats To Human Health






NIH Website Removes Study That Confirmed 5G Ties To Coronavirus After Reports Pointed To It

Fauci’s NIH Study Reveals 5G Tecnology Can Produce Coronavirus In Human Cells

The 5G Trojan Horse: Is This A Possible Explanation For Putting In Check The Coronavirus Narrative?

How Big Wireless Lobbied Governments To Build 5G For Citizen Data Collection & Surveillance

Military Confirms It Mulled Deploying Experimental “Heat Ray” To Protect White House



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