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COVID-19 Endgame: Mandatory Vaccines, Kidnapping Family Members, & Total Surveillance

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Total control of the people is what the endgame is in the lie that is COVID-19 and coronavirus. From mandatory vaccines to complete surveillance of our lives to kidnapping family members “suspected” of having the virus, it’s all about complete and total control.

The products I mentioned, which I am not paid to mention, that are being used to treat malaria with zero side effects can be found here at KVLabs.com: Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide.

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Corona Endgame: Forced Vaccinations & Total Control & Surveillance Over Our Lives

For 5 Years Now, We Have Heard This President Call Out Corrupt Politicians, Corrupt Politicians That He Has, In Fact, Failed to Prosecute!

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Oklahoma: Healthcare Worker Says Police Took Her Children Because Her Job “Exposes Her To Coronavirus”

New Jersey Pushes Parents To Set Up Temporary Guardianship Options For Children Under COVID-19 Hoax – Threatens To Take Custody Of Kids

Items I didn’t get to cover in this episode, but are very important.

White House Unelected Bureaucrat Creates Real-Time National Coronavirus Surveillance System Under COVID-19 Hoax

Say What? The White House Wants Healthcare PATRIOT Act?

Kushner Family Ties To For-Profit Healthcare Underscores Conflicts Of Interests Concerning Coronavirus

Bureaucrat Dr. Birx: Stay Home & Starve



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