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Christian Missionaries Attacked – Cops Collude Against Them… In America (Video)

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You may have seen reports on Jesse Boyd and his team making their way across America with a cross and flag, spreading the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What you may not be aware of is a recent attack on him, his family and his ministry team in Montana that forced him to pull his gun and defend himself and his family. You may also not be aware of how the Montana thugs, you know the Thin Blue Line, sought to get CPS involved and colluded to paint him and his team in the worst light possible. Jesse, his daughter and her fiance join me in this episode to tell their story and we share body cam footage that was leaked of how the officers involved seemed to collude with one another in arresting Jesse and others, as well as getting CPS involved.

Visit Jesse’s Site

You can call the Montana AG’s office on behalf of Jesse and voice your displeasure at the conduct of the agents of the state of Montana at 1-800-498-6455.

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