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Breaking Mainstream Media Lies About 5G & Coronavirus With UK Nurse Kate Shemirani, RGN INP

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While the media is fixated on coronavirus, and no one that I know is not saying it is not a real virus, what is not necessarily being discussed is that Wuhan was ground zero for the rollout of 5G. In this episode, UK nurse Kate Shemirani joins me to discuss what she believes is really making people simply fall over in Wuhan and her thoughts are that we are not being told the truth about what the new 5g wireless is actually doing to people. In fact, her comments have sparked such controversy in the UK, that even the tabloids are reporting on her now, which has only given her a greater voice to speak on the subject.

*Apologies for the echo. We were using Skype and it was not coming through during the pre-record. If you like, you can play the podcast audio below the video which does not have the echo.

Here’s Kate’s interview that really took off on social media.

Here’s additional information.

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The 5G Trojan Horse: Is This A Possible Explanation For Putting In Check The Coronavirus Narrative?



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