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As “Biden” Admin Labels Parents “Domestic Terrorists,” Schools Attack Children (Video)

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While the “Biden” administration unlawfully attacks concerned parents about what their children are facing in public schools and loosing the unconstitutional FBI on them as “domestic terrorists,” the children are being attacked through unlawful “education,” as well as predators out to make them their prey through sexually explicit books and now “man pageants,” which demoralize young men and women. God calls such things abominations and men are commanded to repent from those things. Parents speaking out against these crimes against our children are doing the right thing, but they must start protecting their offspring by removing them from the place of abuse while they fight the abusers.

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Several faculty members were seen participating in the said events. Hazard High School Principal Donald “Happy” Mobelini, who happens to be the mayor of Perry County City, was also seen participating in the inappropriate event.

Amongst the many disconcerting pictures posted online, the most eyebrow-raising images showcased students dancing inappropriately in front of principal Donald Mobelini.

Principal- Mayor Donald Mobelini participates in the event (Image via City of Hazard)
Principal- Mayor Donald Mobelini participates in the event (Image via City of Hazard)

The Hazard High School principal was seen partaking in the event which transpired before him.

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