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Are You Believing A False Gospel? (Video)

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In this episode, I pick up for the previous episode and address the issue of how children, aborted babies and all men enter into Heaven and then I go through the Scriptures to demonstrate the characteristics of a false gospel, which the Holy Spirit has communicated to us is no gospel at all, but rather damnable. I’ll also provide a few examples of false gospels, and point to the only true, saving Gospel we are to proclaim from the LORD’s own Word.

Articles, links and bonus videos mentioned in this episode.


Why are we still allowing the governing powers to poison us

Child secretly records schoolteacher aggressively enforcing LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ propaganda

MSNBC ADMITS that they are sacrificing children to Moloch as a deal with the devil

Witness dismantles every single gun control myth right before the eyes of the People

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