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An Open Sodomite As Intelligence Director, An Adulteress, Incestuous Congresswoman & More

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President Trump installed an open sodomite as Director of National Intelligence this week. A Muslim, congresswoman that has engaged in adultery, incest, bigamy and apparent fraud and other crimes remains in office. A Google Cloud manager’s wife was found dead after he reported her missing on their Hawaii vacation, and the Trump administration doesn’t seem to be too forthcoming with how much of your money the government is actually spending when they are going to his resorts. All of this, on this episode of Sons of Liberty.

Articles mentioned in this episode:

Trump Names Sodomite Ambassador Richard Grenell As Acting Director Of National Intelligence

Somali Community Leader: Ilhan Omar Did Marry her Brother: Claims She Would “Do What She Had To do To Get Him ‘Papers’ To Keep Him In US”

Just How Much Money Has The Government Spent At Trump Properties? It Won’t Give An Account To The People

Google Cloud Manager’s Wife Found Dead – He Was Arrested For Her Murder Hours After Claiming She Was Missing During Hawaii Vacation



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