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America: A Nation Swindled (Video)

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The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this follow-up episode to our September show on HR 5349 and the teaching against “Communism” in education, but obviously, it’s a watered-down version of Communism. Today, we’ll continue that and show you just how wicked both Republicans and Democrats are who are promoting the continued Soviet-style indoctrination that began under Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan and we’ll point you back to your responsibility as parents to be the educators of your own children rather than the state.

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Covid-19 shots were not owned or made by Pfizer or Moderna – But By The Military

CNN in Palestine told, ‘You are not welcome here, genocide supporters! F CNN!’

HAARP Controlling the Ionosphere (Weather Control) 1995


Here’s what Coke is really good for

Hologram Pope vanishes into thin air from window in Vatican

The pineal gland: Tiny organ in the center of the brain regarded as the principal seat of the soul

Soon everything will be Artificial as their Agenda steers our society into a virtual one

Solutions for electronic warfare: Learn how to protect you & your friends from electronic harassment

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty: Why Totalitarianism Doesn’t Require Gulags or Concentration Camps

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