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Abortion Murder Mills & CPS Gang Together To Intimidate Christian Pro-Life Women

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Back in February, Heather Hobbs joined us to give voice to a story that Planned Parenthood was extorting pregnant women by calling in CPS on women who had come to their clinics for free pregnancy tests who had children. When the women refused an abortion, Planned Parenthood called CPS on the women and their children were taken, and they were told the only way to get their children back was to get an abortion. Now, the two organized crime syndicates, along with other abortion murder mills, are going after pro-life women who are to call abortion murder outside abortion murder mills. Heather joins me in this episode to talk about what’s going on with one mother in Louisiana and how it’s taking place around the country.

Heather Hobbs

Previous interview with Heather.

Heather Hobbs: Planned Parenthood & CPS Are Working To Extort Abortions From Pregnant Moms



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Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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