Setting Brushfires: Nutrient Absorption Is The Key To Good Health

The life of the flesh is in the blood. Moses penned those words thousands of years ago, and today, we know just how true that is. Our blood is vital in bringing oxygen to our system, removing toxins, and fighting off infections and diseases. Healthy blood results in a healthy body. That’s why I recommend our special Multivitamin Mineral Phytonutrient Complex.

Just 1 oz a day will transform your blood into pristine form and provide you with all the daily nutrients your body needs in just 5 minutes. That’s how long it takes with the patent pending delivery system technology used in our product to ensure that these nutrients get into your cells in the fastest possible way. Nutrient absorption is the key to multivitamins performing what they are intended to do and the vast majority of multivitamins on the market today simply never get into your system.


Take a look at before and after Prodovite use videos. Remember, this is just five minutes after ingesting, and listen to Glenn, Director of Research and Development for International Health, talk about these results.

Ed Schaefer had heavy metal poisoning. After many years of trying western medicine and using natural products, he could not seem to get his health back. When you hear this Prodovite Review, you will be amazed at how well Prodovite has changed his life in just a few days! This is truly an amazing story and a remarkable journey for Ed. After hearing this Prodovite Product Review, you will have hope for others who have not had any success in finding something that will help them nourish their body with the nutrients needed to achieve a greater level of health.

Results may not be typical and can vary. How fast and effective benefits occur are often determined by an individual’s lifestyle and personal health.

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