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2019: The Year Of The Advancement Of The Communist Workforce In Education

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God commanded that parents, not the state, educate and train up their children as they are a reward from Him. Our founders and early Americans used to follow these commands with Bible reading in the home and their conduct becoming what they had read. God truly blessed us as a country of sovereign states as a result. However, we have long abandoned these commands and principles as a people and we are seeing the fruit of such disobedience in individuals, families, churches and government. The Common Core Diva, Lynne Taylor, joins me in this episode to talk about how the federal, state and local governments have unconstitutionally pushed indoctrination, under the guise of education, to establish a Communist-style workforce, not a free people who glorify God in all they do, and 2019 was a big step forward in that process. We encourage you to fight back against this beast system in 2020 by taking back true education freedom for your posterity.

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